Remote work - Enabling secure access outside of your company.

With the recent shift to more and more employees working out of office, the requirement for remote access has gone up.

But is the access that you have granted safe?

There are so many ways to accomplish remote access, but unless implemented properly few of them are considered secure. As an example, Microsoft RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) is one way of allowing remote access into a remote computer, but by itself is wofully insecure. According to ESET's Q4 2020 Threat report, Remote desktop protocol (RDP) attacks increase by 768%. If we look at a map from Shodan we can see just how many people worldwide are using this method. Map

So what are some secure and effective ways of enabling remote access that are secure while still being user friendly?

  1. openVPN
  2. Wireguard
  3. Tailscale
  4. ZeroTier

We could be happy to discuss the remote solutions that work best inside your current business framwork. We can help you support all your clients including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS.

We can also do advanced security like what time of day and what resources can be accessed by what users.

Contact us today to discuss how we can secure your remote access.